Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Organic cotton is booming on the high street

The latest high street must have is organic cotton. High street retailers are seeing a growing demand from consumers for more organic and ethical fashion items. A number of well known brands are increasing their organic cotton lines. It is estimated that the value of the organic cotton market in the UK will rise by 50% this year alone.

Shops like H&M and New Look are just two of the latest high street chains to jump on the green bandwagon. New Look has introduced its third organic cotton collection this year, fronted by TV presenter Fearne Cotton, which will be available in its 560 stores this weekend.

25% of women classify themselves as ethical clothing shoppers. With such a demand from the major high street chains the supply of organic cotton is running dry. It is expected that organic cotton will make up around 30% of all cotton in the next 25 years. Whilst this is a step in the right direction, Martin Hearson of Labour Behind the Label has suggested that retailers should be committed to improving the working conditions of producers and suppliers. It's great that more people are keen to go organic in various areas of their life, but I agree with Martin Hearson that we also need to be considering the 40 million textile and garment workers worldwide who are subject to poor working conditions. One way we can do this is by buying more fair trade clothing.

[via The Independent]

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