Friday, 6 July 2007

Eco Dawn in the Daily Mail

I am pleased to announce that I will be gracing the pages of the Daily Mail this coming Monday 9th June, with two other ethical stylists in a feature about ethical fashion. I got the opportunity to play at being a model for a couple of hours, which I was not particularly good at, but I did my best to pout and give some fierce Tyra Banks-esque poses in my ethical garments, whilst the photographer directed me and the friendly make-up artist rubbed foundation on my pasty, circulation impaired pins. It was quite a pleasant experience (the shoot, not the application of foundation) but I don't think I'll be adorning the cover of Vogue or any other high-brow fashion publications. I got to choose my favourite ethical fashion pieces for summer, in case it ever arrives.

If you fancy having a read about the rise of eco-fashion and seeing ethical style in action get yourself a copy, I know I will be and hopefully my picture won't be too cringeworthy!

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