Monday, 2 July 2007

Be an eco-fashion 'frilly' with Pardess

If you are feeling frilly this summer, in line with the New Romantic trend, I suggest you venture online and make a few purchases from Pardess. Pardess make some beautiful ethical clothes that are both wearable and stylish.

Every garment by Pardess is hand made by Mimi Rogers and the “Elite” Collection offers couture design for wedding dresses and evening wear. Garments are made from internationally certified organic materials, packaging is made from recycled tissue paper and card and printing is from soil-association approved organic printers.
Pardess was established after Mimi Rogers had a conversation with friends who shared her passion about fashion that would leave an ethical footprint. They didn’t see why we should have to choose substance over style, rather than having both, so Pardess was born. Mimi has been designing and crafting clothes since a very young age and after working on an organic farm in France, Mimi was inspired by the difference organic living made to people and the environment.

Pardess is also selling some fantastic bags and 20% of the profits from these will go to The World Land Trust.

I can’t wait for Pardess to expand their range, I am converted already.

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