Thursday, 28 June 2007

Vintage style at Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge has searched the world's best vintage stores and markets from around the world, discovering some beautiful one off pieces that are available online only. Vintage clothing is ethical because it does not require new fabrics, that have been shipped around the world, to create new garments.

The collections currently available are Guatemalan, Prom Queen and Psychedelic. Many of them are sold out already, but there are still some great buys to be found, like the 1950's Pink Net Prom Dress for £180 and the Floral 60s Psychedelic Maxi Dress for £80. New lines are going to be added to the collections on 4th July, so don't fret if you have missed out this time.

You can also sign up to Miss Selfridge's exclusive Vintage Newsletter, if you are keen to receive updates about this range.

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