Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Vegan scarves for the chilly seasons

scarf1.jpgIt’s starting to get mighty chilly and one incontrovertible Autumn/Winter must-have item is the neck warming scarf. It’s fairly easy to unearth some wonderfully soft wool, alpaca or cashmere scarves, but for the veggies amongst us we want something animal-free. Whilst it is often believed that animals such as sheep and cashmere goats do no suffer for their coats the reality is frequently quite different, with animals being kept in cramped, unhealthy conditions, being ground up in a mincer if they fall ill, or otherwise killed off at a very young age if their coats aren’t up to scratch. Certain ethical fashion companies may gather animal’s coats in more humane ways, but I’d rather skip an animal coat as a winter warmer. So, I’ve been on a vegan scarf hunt and here are a few of my favourite items, to keep that winter wind at bay.

1) Tanjuv Scarf, chocolate, fairly traded cotton, £11.99,
2) Circle Scarf, pinks/browns or blacks/beiges,100% acrylic, £35.00,
Bourgeois Boheme.
3) Antonia Grey Scarf, 100% acrylic, $19.99,
Alternative Outfitters.
4) Hemp Shawl, black, £19.95,
Ethical Wares.


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